Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blinds

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Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds have a unique feature that is perfect for bathrooms or those living on the ground floor. Fabric can be moved from top to bottom allowing sunlight to enter from the top of the window while fully covering the rest of the window. These blinds can be made to fit a wide variety of geometric shapes; therefore, they are easily adaptable to trapezoidal, triangular, and oval shaped windows or skylights. Flexibility with regard to shapes and unique installation technology make this product the best option for conservatories.

Colours and design


  • Environmental protection certificates guarantee that fabrics do not contain any harmful substances
  • The product range includes fabrics from completely transparent to black-out, and from those of various textures, metallic, burn-out to printed fabrics
  • The collection is attractive, as it offers the choice of cotton, polyester and natural fibre fabrics of different designs and colour options
  • Harmonious monochrome and colourful fabric combinations have been designed, which are appealing when one wishes to create a playful interior for their spaces
  • The collection offers fabrics that feature additional value: window covers will not only perform their immediate function, but the fabrics offer additional functions, like fire resistance (fire retardant fabrics) and sound absorption
Technical details


Pleated material with or without metallised lining, upper profile, operating device


  • Manual handle or electric (motor)

Operating principle

The blinds are lifted/lowered and fixed at the desired height

Profile colors  

White, silver