Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds
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Roller Blinds

Our made-to-measure roller blinds provide a perfect blend of comfort and functionality to window decorating. They can be used as a single element or in combination with traditional curtains, and offer maximum protection from direct sunlight. Roller blinds are distinct from other products because of their wide range of systems and functional fabrics with hundreds of designs. The systems can be installed on windows frames, ceilings, in a niche or could even be mounted without a drill using the perfect-fit system. Our functional fabrics offer a variety of convenient solutions. Blackout fabric is impermeable to light, making rooms completely dark when windows are covered. Screen and Glasgard fabrics are heat-reflective and control the level of sunlight coming into a room, which is a must for offices or those working on a computer..

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  • Easy adjusted to windows
  • More than 1000 fabrics to choose from
  • A large collection of fabrics allows us to offer solutions for every room or any interior
  • The bottom edge of the fabric can be decorated with a wave